Ancient History

Session Recap

Recap 2017-02-11

Three months have passed since the padawan’s last mission together. They have all spent time in the temple training and going about their own business. Finally they receive a new mission. Three of Master Kotra’s padawans and 2 more padawans are added to the group.Discovering they are assigned to explore sith space they board their ship and start traveling to coordinates provided. Suddenly they are pulled out of hyperspace. After much confusion and some investigation the group realizes a large mass shadow was the reason for their interruption. With more exploration they find an abandoned from the Great Hyperspace War. Spotting what appears to be a functioning hanger the ship is piloted in. After docking and exiting the ship the group finds a number of small droids who immediately flee. Amazingly to all a figure in purple mandalorian armor walks out of the padawan’s ship. A stowaway. After a brief conversation it is learned the man is Raxle’s uncle . Raxle learns he has a bounty on his head by a vengeful “lord.” The man says the bounty will be rescinded and takes a fighter from the hanger to fly away. Deciding to split up following this Raxle and Zaxx stay with the ship and the rest go to explore the ship. The three padawans start making their way to the bridge when they are attacked by a rogue droid who thinks he is a sith lord “Darth” T0-MB. After a tense fight the group manages to defeat the droid and they get to the bridge….. I don’t really remember the rest well enough to write it up.



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