Ancient History

3881 BBI, XX6

What have I gotten myself into?

I slipped into a caravan-esque group that came to 'transport' a hostage of the Selkath only to find myself in the back of what I can only describe as a big loud noisy truck. In fact, I can not fathom how it made such an obscene amount of noise! It was a hovering truck!!!


We didn't get far before the truck was ambushed. Surrounded, I had no other option but to jump in. I had never taken the life of something that wasn't a beast so I had no desire to kill the people hired by a 'sith'. When I was nearly struck, one of the 'transporters' saved me. Not more than a moment later, I was covered in the blood of the thugs sent to ambush the truck. Murdered, their blood splattered the right side of me. I'm still not sure if I got it all off of me. Shaken, I was unable to attack any further and surrendered to the 'transporters' after putting over my ceremonial artifact. Upon hearing about the artifact having a garnet glow, I was immediately interrogated about being a 'sith'. I barely talked myself out of execution but am now a  prisoner of these 'jedi'. They claim they will train me but have taken the artifact I left home with. I see it less as becoming a trainee and more as becoming a hostage in order to prevent liability for them. What have I gotten myself into…


As I sit aboard their ship, I can hear horrifying scream from elsewhere, somewhere still on this ship. These 'jedi' say they are the good guys. They say the 'sith' are evil. They saved the prisoners of the Selkath but I don't think those screams are something good guys do. The human 'jedi' took two of the ambushers that they had spared with him. They had gone somewhere else on the ship. I saw the human bring one prisoner back of the two he took with him.  I'm afraid to afraid to ask what happened to the other.



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