Ancient History

3881 BBI, XX7

I was awoken from my nap by an announcement. A voice echoing in the room, though I couldn't make out who it was in my groggy state. It seemed that some of the prisoners escaped. I thought that, even despite their rough exterior, that we had made a good impression and they were fine, but I guess most of them were unhappy. I guess I can't blame them though. I am a prisoner of sorts and even with this room, I can't say I'm happy to be part of this insanity. Still, at least they care for me well. It was during this moment that I realized that the "Sith" body was left unattended. If the prisoners were so upset that they would rebel, then perhaps they would disturb the body as well.  While the thought of getting caught worried me, the thought of the prisoners…That is such an ugly word, the thought of the other captives desecrating her body was even more sickening. Sith or not, no one deserved to have their remains defiled.

Cautious, I slipped from my room and made my way to where they had left the body. On the way, I received a comm. call from Fardul. He asked for me to go to the hanger bay. Not wanting to disobey and cause problems, I reluctantly did as I was told. Worried that the other captives might have jumped me, I found no such dangers on my way there, lucky perhaps. Looking around, I saw out of a window as a person, a Rodian, flung himself out of the hanger and into space. Speechless and feeling my stomach churn a little, I swallowed my vomit and watched, frozen in shock. I couldn't understand why he had done that or why the "Jedi" would allow someone to kill themselves like that. His body began to grow stiff out in space as it seemed to swell over, though very subtly. His skin seemed to shift in color, all of this image burned into my mind. It looked quick and gentle in how space took everything from him, but it's painful caress was obvious by the way he moved before losing consciousness.

Wrapped in a chilled sweat, it was then that Fardul let me know that he was a killer. He told me that the man wanted to kill everyone. Whether he wanted to or not, I knew of no man, even to this moment, that died other than he did. If he wanted to kill so badly, then he had to have been chained up. To want death on others like they said is wrong, but he was still a living sentient being. No doubt it was Fardul's magical words that convinced the Rodian to jump and kill himself. If "Jedi" are good people, then I'm convinced that these people, at least some of them, are no Jedi, especially Fardul. He is just as ugly and twisted on the inside as he is on the outside.

Catching my breath, calming down from the scene at hand, I wasted no more time in the hanger. I collected the Sith's body, making sure not to touch her flesh, before bringing her to my room. At least there she would be fine and no one would defile her body. 

Several moments passed, and as I was stuck in my own thoughts, jotting down notes in the back of my journal, Fardul visited my room. I could hear him, waiting for me as he dribbled something on the ground outside. Hesitant, I opened the door, pen and journal in hand.  He told me that they were going to drop off the other captives, but there was an issue with the "Hutts". After a bit of explaining, I learned they were giant slugs that ate people, a upsetting and frightening idea, though the one we met didn't seem as bad as Fardul made them sound. It was roughly at this moment that I received the question "Why is there a body in your room". He had been giving me a strange look and I didn't realize why until then. After all, I had not told anyone about the body and that I was moving it for protection. After several more moments, the "Jedi" explained to me about space burials and we 'spaced' the the body.

3881 BBI, XX6 Same Day...
The calm came before the storm...

I was invited to help with an operation. I assume it was to keep track of me. The 'Jedi' invited me to help and save more hostages. Upon mentioning that I don't want to murder anyone, the Mirialan mentioned that they "Don't murder people". With a horrified look on my face, I couldn't stop myself from asking 'Are Sith not considered people!?' The Tordarian, Fardul I believe he was named, pointed out that I was not brought up as they had been. Rather, he noted that I seemed naive of the way of things. I have to be honest, I admired him for his keen observation as well as his willingness to point this all out, despite having been the one that called me out and assumed I was a 'Sith' earlier. Also, the glorious hat that he had gotten from the Selkath with her verbal bravado also helped with his somewhat admirable appearance at that moment. Still, the fact that they took my ceremonial artifact has me worried to do anything that might upset them. 


After Fardul explained my 'naive' nature, the Mirialan, Chit, explained to me that they do not 'take lives of those unless they are attacked first' and that 'he does not like the act of taking another's life but in order to defend himself and his friends, he will if need be. Respecting his answer, I tried to get out of it by mentioning that I couldn't fight, I was unarmed. It didn't take long for Chit to fix this, having Fardul give me back my ceremonial knife. With no other option, to stay in their favor, I agreed to help, but I told them I would not take anyone's life.


Shortly after agreeing, our ship landed on the roof of a building near their objective. Unfortunately, there were no means down, as there wasn't a way that lead down from the roof. After some finagling, we managed to find a way down. During the first road block, we managed to lie our way through, thanks to the outfit the human was wearing. On the second outpost, however, they had to claim that I was a hostage to be turned over, as was their mission. It was enough to get them past the droids. It was after we had gotten out of distance of the last barrier that we split up. The threatening human went off to take care of something while Chit, Fardul and I went to save the hostages and cut the power to the base. Things quickly went awry however and apparently the Twi'lek  had was heading in our direction with the ship. Chit went to cut the power leaving Fardul and I to save the hostages. From here, everything happened so quickly it was more of a blur. Details are fuzzy at best in my memory. The ship with the hostages we were going to save had crashed in a hanger and as we made our way to it, someone must have set off some alarms. Soldiers intercepted us. In a fit of inspiration or perhaps just a blind fluke, I took advantage of the situation. I recalled what Fardul had told me earlier and pulled out my ceremonial knife. The hilt was different but with as dark as it was, and with it in my hand I doubt they would notice it. Turning it on, it's deep garnet glow showing to them, I demanded that the soldiers go to their post and to get out of our way. We had things to take care of here, unless they wanted to have a word with <u>our</u> superiors. I persuaded one of them to put away his weapon and he seemed as if he told the others to stand down, perhaps a captain or something. Another with the same helmet was not so easily convinced however. Unaffected by my bluff, Fardul wasted no time to use his magical words to persuade him to go to the other barracks.


Upon arriving at the downed ship in the hanger, Fardul left, telling me to wait for chit. Holding fast, it wasn't long before the Mirialan showed up. When chit got to the hanger, he rushed intot he ship, pulling me with him, and using me to help coerce the guards to stand down. It all happened so quickly that I'm still not sure what he said. Sending the gaurds away, Chit let the captives know we were here to save them. Within moments, he was in the pilots seat, preparing the ship to take off. Bracing myself as we took off, I looked back at those who were on the ship. There were more than a couple of…unsavory looking people among the captured and one that Chit has referred to as another 'Jedi'. 


I dared not interfere, I didn't know how how to act in front of another 'Jedi' nor how to act in front of so many frightened and rough looking hostages. Allowing Chit to take the lead, he went to the 'Jedi' he noticed and uncuffed him and only him. Leaving the others restrained, I worried that they would get upset, but they didn't seem to cause a fuss. Things had begun to calm down, and with a moment to eat, I made sure with Chit that it was alright to offer the hostages food as well. With his permission, I offered them a portion of the food that we had and what could be found on the ship, though the remained restrained the entire time. I felt bad, but as long as they didn't cause a fuss or try anything, it was alright and it all ended very calmly.


Upon finally getting back with the other 'Jedi', Raxel, the frightening human, and Fardul brought with them a dead body. It was to note that Raxel seemed a bit roughed up. With what I have noticed from him, it is no doubt in my mind that he was the one to kill her. A moment of sickness washed over me but I held it down. Chit went to place his hands on her body but instantly recoiled, mentioning she was 'Sith'. She didn't seem evil, but perhaps that is why they were afraid of this 'Sith'. Looking at the Jedi and this Sith, I don't see a difference in them, not physically at least. I dared not touch the body like Chit did though. Perhaps it was because it isn't possible to tell a Sith from a Jedi just at first glance that makes them so threatening. That would mean that literally anyone could be a Sith, and that thought is indeed frightening, if they are as evil as I'm told. Still, I do not think the Jedi are as good and safe as they claim to be. It is worth noting that before I may have disrespected the Toydarian without meaning to at this moment.


I was quickly snapped from my thoughts when I heard Fardul mention how he had a 'fling' with this Sith. Looking at her and then back to Fardul, I couldn't stop my mouth from asking, "Why would she have a fling with you?" Trying to recover I told them that I meant no offense it's just that she was so…Before I could say any more, Fardul flew over to me and got eye level with me. Taking off his mask so his less than flattering nose hung in front of my face. Leaning back a bit, he moved in. He made a point that I had better not assume who he could and couldn't talk his way around and that I should know my place. That he was, indeed, more than capable of hooking up with her. After that, I just kind of stood there speechless…I mean…That nose though! AND HIS OBSCENELY NOISY TRUCK!? Biting my tongue, I did not say another word and instead walked away, to record this…I hope this is the last entry I have for today. I don't know what else I could possibly dare to handle. My nerve are at their ends. Perhaps…Perhaps I just need a moment to rest my eyes just a little…

3881 BBI, XX6
What have I gotten myself into?

I slipped into a caravan-esque group that came to 'transport' a hostage of the Selkath only to find myself in the back of what I can only describe as a big loud noisy truck. In fact, I can not fathom how it made such an obscene amount of noise! It was a hovering truck!!!


We didn't get far before the truck was ambushed. Surrounded, I had no other option but to jump in. I had never taken the life of something that wasn't a beast so I had no desire to kill the people hired by a 'sith'. When I was nearly struck, one of the 'transporters' saved me. Not more than a moment later, I was covered in the blood of the thugs sent to ambush the truck. Murdered, their blood splattered the right side of me. I'm still not sure if I got it all off of me. Shaken, I was unable to attack any further and surrendered to the 'transporters' after putting over my ceremonial artifact. Upon hearing about the artifact having a garnet glow, I was immediately interrogated about being a 'sith'. I barely talked myself out of execution but am now a  prisoner of these 'jedi'. They claim they will train me but have taken the artifact I left home with. I see it less as becoming a trainee and more as becoming a hostage in order to prevent liability for them. What have I gotten myself into…


As I sit aboard their ship, I can hear horrifying scream from elsewhere, somewhere still on this ship. These 'jedi' say they are the good guys. They say the 'sith' are evil. They saved the prisoners of the Selkath but I don't think those screams are something good guys do. The human 'jedi' took two of the ambushers that they had spared with him. They had gone somewhere else on the ship. I saw the human bring one prisoner back of the two he took with him.  I'm afraid to afraid to ask what happened to the other.

Things Get Dark

Last time we saw our party they had made a delivery to a new bacta company. While preparing to leave they had been attacked by a group of Selkath. The jedi subdued their opponents and managed to capture the apparent leader knocking him unconscious. The group hurriedly heads back to their ship with their new captive hoping to evade any more enemies.

After arriving back at their ship Raxel has an idea and begins working on the ships computer while the rest of the party handles the Selkath in one of the rooms. Erozfeti has the idea of using a mind trick and wakes up the prisoner. He tries to impersonate the beings superior hoping to have the Selkath give a report on his mission. Suddenly the being begins to foam at the mouth and falls limp to the ground. The whole room looks to Erozfeti as they realize he just killed their only source of information. 

Erozfeti walked out to confess to Raxel when he makes his discovery. Raxel had searched for Selkath communications and then traced their location to across town. With a new point of interest Chit and Zaxx decide to stay with the ship just in case and the rest of the party heads out to find a speeder. It just so happened that the hanger master also ran a speeder rental service.  Thanks to some clever negotiating from Fardul the group decides to make an investment and buys an old beat up speeder with plenty of seating and a bed on the back for transport work.

Naming the new speeder Tantron they jump in and take off. The Tantron is so loud and slow that by the time they got close to their target Erozfeti had been temporarily deafened. He had decided to ride in the back and regretted it instantly once the engine had roared to life. Thankfully this also meant he was able to see a lone Selkath duck around a corner. He got Raxel's attention who stopped the Tantron and the group follow the Selkath hoping to ask a few questions.

They turn the corner and see the Selkath jump in a speeder which starts to zoom away. Erozfeti thinking quickly grabs hold of the speeder and holds it in place. With their escape prevented and some clever words from Fardul they agree to get out and talk. Once they step out and are clear Erozfeti lets go of the speeder. It immediately slams into a building! The Selkath had left the throttle on full. 

Shocked and angered by this display of apparent violence the captured Selkath reluctantly agree to let the party follow them to the hanger. Walking all the way back to their starting point the group watches as the Selkath approach the hanger master and begin to rent a new speeder. The party begins to approach when all hell breaks loose. Four droids fly in with jetpacks. "In the name of the Sith empire you are under arrest for being jedi," one of the droids says. Drawing their lightsabers the young Jedi begin to fight.

In a flurry of blows Raxel takes down the first droid.  The second droid had landed on top of the hanger and was leveling a shoulder mounted rocket launcher at the center of the group.  Fardul flies up to confront him and attempts to pull the launcher off the enemy. As the weapon begins to come loose the droid reaches out and looses his balance. Falling to the ground he activates his jetpack trying to save himself. He blasted right into a parked speeder causing a large explosion.

Meanwhile Erozfeti threw a rock at droid number 3 and charged number 4 swinging his lightsaber wildly. While cleaving through his opponent he had struck the droid's missile pack causing another explosion right outside the hanger. Coughing from the blast he looks over to see Raxle punch the last droid in the face not once but 2 times knocking him to the ground. Looking up at the Jedi standing over him the droid activates his self destruct sequence. His body began to glow first orange then red and melted down leaving a pile of molten metal. 

Agreeing now was a good time to leave the planet the group runs onto their ship and takes off. It was time to head back to base. Arriving back at the space station they go to meet up with their "master." Sierra Ivalice questioned the party and stressed that they shouldn't be identified as Jedi again. After being told of the derelict ship discovered previously he agrees to do some work on it and that the party could use it as a base in the future. Unfortunately he did not have any current jobs and to check back in later. Having been dismissed the group head their own way.

Raxel began a search for work but was targeted by some pickpockets for listening in to their conversation. They managed to get his comlink and datapad without him noticing. When they tried to access the datapad the security features activated and an alarm went off. The thugs dropped the datapad and ran. Regaining his device Raxel continues his search and finds something of interest.  He agrees to a ring fight with no weapons or armor. His opponent would be armed. He borrows the organizers comlink and tells them to come place a bet on him.

Erozfeti and Fardul had just placed an order for parts to upgrade the Tantron with when they had received Raxels message. They hurried to the ring and placed a 2000 credit bet. Five to one odds are pretty good after all. Taking their place in the crowd they see Raxel walk into the ring. His opponent came out on the opposite end. An older woman wielding a  large trident glowered at Raxel.

The fight to the death begins and Raxel starts punching the woman while attempting to avoid some mysterious powers. It appears this fighter is a force user of some sort. Seeing the disadvantage Eroazfeti and Fardul attempt to use the force to swing the fight back to even. Raxel is able to tell and dislikes the help but manages to use his opponents trident to finish her off. A fearsome blow as she was on the ground disabled.

Realizing what he had just helped with Fardul vomits into his breathing mask. Erozfeti is just cheering Raxel on loudly having greatly enjoyed the fight. They gladly collect their winnings for the fight and Raxle goes to talk to the organizer. The man is furious. Raxle was told no weapons which apparently had meant he couldn't use his opponents weapon either.  Angry after this turn of events Raxle demands to fight again. After a little contemplation the organizer agrees and Raxle walks back out into the arena.

Session Recap
Recap 2017-02-11

Three months have passed since the padawan’s last mission together. They have all spent time in the temple training and going about their own business. Finally they receive a new mission. Three of Master Kotra’s padawans and 2 more padawans are added to the group.Discovering they are assigned to explore sith space they board their ship and start traveling to coordinates provided. Suddenly they are pulled out of hyperspace. After much confusion and some investigation the group realizes a large mass shadow was the reason for their interruption. With more exploration they find an abandoned from the Great Hyperspace War. Spotting what appears to be a functioning hanger the ship is piloted in. After docking and exiting the ship the group finds a number of small droids who immediately flee. Amazingly to all a figure in purple mandalorian armor walks out of the padawan’s ship. A stowaway. After a brief conversation it is learned the man is Raxle’s uncle . Raxle learns he has a bounty on his head by a vengeful “lord.” The man says the bounty will be rescinded and takes a fighter from the hanger to fly away. Deciding to split up following this Raxle and Zaxx stay with the ship and the rest go to explore the ship. The three padawans start making their way to the bridge when they are attacked by a rogue droid who thinks he is a sith lord “Darth” T0-MB. After a tense fight the group manages to defeat the droid and they get to the bridge….. I don’t really remember the rest well enough to write it up.

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